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The Botanic Garden of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz was established in 1946 to function as an educational and scientific garden. Currently, the Garden's collections encompasses 8060 plant species and horticultural varieties belonging to 2480 genera and 294 families from all over the world. The Garden mission is to contribute to the research and conservation of plant diversity and to display the amazing diversity of plant life.

With the Garden Explorer, you are able to explore the entire living plant collection of the Botanic Garden. If you want to find a particular plant in the Botanic Garden, you can use the Search function with either the scientific or common name. Alternatively, you can zoom in the Map to identify individual plants or to get planting lists of particular areas. These options are also accessible with a Smartphone or Tablet-PC via mobile internet when you walk through the Botanic Garden.

If you are looking for additional information on the Botanic Garden of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, please visit our main website.

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