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With the Garden Explorer, you are able to explore the entire living plant collection of the Botanic Garden. Find a plant by using the Search function with either the scientific or common name. Alternatively, you can query a location in the garden or zoom in the Map to identify plants of a particular area. There are also suggestions for thematic tours through the garden.

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Mainz University Botanic Garden is a scientifically curated collection of living plants. Its mission is to serve university research, student teaching and to inform the general public in many ways. The Botanic Garden cultivates a broad spectrum of plant diversity. Its collections are fully transparent and digitally accessible. They are in accordance with national and international conventions on the protection and sustainable use of biological diversity.

Currently, the Garden's collections encompasses 8305 plant species and horticultural varieties belonging to 2586 genera and 304 families from all over the world. The Garden mission is to contribute to the research and conservation of plant diversity and to display the amazing diversity of plant life.

The 7484 photos currently included in the Garden Explorer were all taken from plants in the Botanic Garden.

Botanic Garden
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
Anselm-Franz-von-Bentzel-Weg 9b
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